Transpread Headland / Border Control System

The photo to the left shows the drop off in production around the outside of a field where there is no headland control. The operator drove the correct distance from the field edge so this would also put a considerable amount through the fence onto the road side.

Transpread have full control over the width of spread and drop off around the edge through the 1020 Computer control. It can control either side without any extra attachments. Not done by dropping baffles or plates or changing spinners or vane angles but simply through the computer control. Done on the move and automatically if field mapping is used or by simple driver input if no field map is available. 

Older type Computers

With Single Conveyor Capabilities and single spinner control


Urea spread at 100kg,

Spinner speed 850

Vane and Deflector settings B,B

Unit spreading to a width of 26 metres

CV charts showing standard spreader set up with both spinners and conveyor going the same speed.

‘A’ and ‘B’ shows the spreading charts from a standard spreader with a single conveyor and single spinner control. This is also the same with a twin conveyor and twin spinner controlled unit if both are going at the same speed.

All spreaders other than Transpread twin chain units would only be capable of this unless they had twin spinner control.


2020 Computer. Twin spinner control, Single Conveyor Capabilities

‘C’ shows the spreader with twin spinner control, not just one control operating both spinners as all units are other than Transpread have. The left hand spinner has had its speed reduced by 30% to bring in the overlap part of the pattern for operating on headlands. This is only possible with Transpread controllers, the 2020 was designed to do this some 12 years ago and the newer 1020c is very easy to operate in these conditions. Because both spinners are controlled separately by the computer any variation in motor wear is corrected and this shows up in bout width testing as both spinners do exactly the required RPM. This gives a better more consistent spread pattern. So it has two advantages (1) it can be adjusted for headland control and (2) more consistent spinner speed in normal operation.

1020 Computer. Twin Spinner control, Twin Chain capabilities

‘D’ shows a twin chain spreader with the spinner again reduced by 30% to 595 rev. and the conveyor reduced by 10% to give a very accurate spread pattern on the headland side. Only Transpread spreaders can do this as the twin chain is a patented technology.


This is not a ‘stop / start’ control as some of the illegal copies have tried to do because the controller and hydraulics have been fitted with technology that is 10 years out of date and it is not possible. This is a full control on either side. Either side can be run down to a stop or taken up to double speed. This means on the outside of a field with a steep face where you are covering a far greater area you can increase the rate and the spinner speed and have much the same capabilities as a blower. The illegal copies do not have this capability. You can run down one side to a stop for spreading off tracks etc. Also under GPS it will be able to automatically adjust for tapered fields, this is also patented technology and only available on Transpread Spreaders.

Leaflet in PDF format for printing

Headland Control

 1020 Computer

Twin Chain

Driver Accuracy