Rate Readout Accuracy

Service ..

Filler Breather Service .. The filler breather on the tank top should be serviced every 6 months. This can become blocked over time and the suction into the tank will bring in contamination. They should be washed out in petrol and replaced. Units that have gone for a long time with out service should be replaced as the foam rubber element will become distorted and will never return to normal.

Filter Bypass .. If system has been seriously overheated the filter bypass should checked as this can melt and the filters will be inoperative. Normal operating temperature is 60' to 75' C

Tonnes Readout Accuracy .. Some of the things that can affect the accuracy of the tones read out on the computer.

Door opening .. Having a wide door opening on material that will run through on an incline will give an in correct read out. On the flat it will be reasonably accurate, on hills it will not be as it takes longer to go up hill than down, more will over run the chain or belt than will be compensated for when going down hill. Will spread heavy

Lumps in Fert. .. Lumps in the fertiliser will partly block the door until they are broken up, more of a problem with a belt spreader, particularly if it has a smooth belt. Will spread light

Low door setting .. With a low door setting the tonnes readout will be slightly light as the volume taken up by the chain is a higher percentage than at a higher setting, usually only a problem under 50 mm. Will spread light

Sensor Distance .. If sensor is to far from the gear or the bearings are worn in the gearbox, the sensor may miss some signals. Will spread heavy.


Poor Connection .. Will often cause a higher readout than what is normal. Will spread light

All the above cause an incorrect readout of Tonnes Total per load.

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