TRANSPREAD ... Always in front.

New Pump System

Transpread have developed a new hydraulic system for all spreaders manufactured by them or their licensee's. This is the subject of a patent application and copyright so should not be copied.

Some of its advantages are ....

Less heat build up..

The old systems used by spreader manufactures involved a fixed displacement pump bypassing any unused oil back to tank, this caused the oil to heat. The new system does not bypass any oil, there for specially on light rates the oil runs very cool.


Reduction in HP to drive ..

Because only oil that is used is pumped it takes less to drive.

Fuel savings ..

With Transpread's design and expertise the system is designed to run all components as close as possible to the same pressure and with less HP to drive the system and no unused oil pumped, there is a considerable fuel saving.

Reduction in valve components ..

Valve components have been reduced by 1/3, there is less likelihood of valve problems through contamination etc.

Able to drive more systems from one pump ..

Because Transpread uses a modern closed centre hydraulic valve there is no limit as to how many functions can be used. While spinners and conveyor are the main functions, some operators want a blower or concentrate bin as well, these can now be incorporated in the one system.

High performance components have been used and extra filtration is also fitted, this should give a longer life at peak performance from the whole hydraulic system. Larger better quality spinner motors are also fitted.

Hydraulic System Upgrade Path  

This is now available as an upgrade to older systems to improve there performance , some of the more recent manufactured spreaders will need very little to do this.


2020 computer...

All those with the late model 2020 computer and 2028 valve can use their present main valve cartridges, only requiring a new block with some smaller cartridges.

New pump

Minor control head modification.

Older 793 systems will need ....

New valve.

New pump

Minor control head modifications

Computer software upgrade.

Systems older than the 793 will need a complete computer system upgrade with new pump and valve.

The main advantages are ..

The last item above is very significant when it comes to the driver. On light rates of Urea and fertiliser you can almost forget that you have a PTO driven system. The driver is able to slow his engine revolutions right off on corners and other places without affecting the spinner operation, this greatly reduces the number of gear changes required and lets you drive the truck in its most economical rev. range. Only on heavy rates such as lime is it necessary to keep a higher speed on the engine.

With TRANSPREAD always committed to further development and better systems make sure your next spreader is a TRANSPREAD and be able to take advantage of these upgrade options to keep your spreader at its peak performance.

As this is a patented system only genuine TRANSPREAD units will have it fitted not copies.

There are some major new advances in the pipeline to be announced over the next few months so keep in touch to find out what you should be doing in the way of new equipment so that you do not end up with an obsolete unit that can not be upgraded.

Once again we ask you to support the company that does the development work not those that copy, as it is your money that goes to make this possible and keeps our country at the forefront of this industry, our thanks goes to those that do.