Testing Methods


SPREADSMART Testing Methods 

a).. Short Method  -- Chart for calculating CV   Test Sheet

This is where catch boxes are laid out about 2 meters apart and the spreader is run over each end giving an overlap pattern in the collectors. This is then normally put in calibrated tubes and visually checked. Only one pass width can be checked at a time with this method. This is a quick way to check that your machine is set right for the width you are driving.

b).. Full Test Method

40 or more boxes are laid out 1 meter apart and the spreader is run up the middle. It is essential to have a computer to graph the results and many pass widths can be checked to determine the most satisfactory width to drive. This is normally used to show what a spreader can do, and to certify a performance.

c).. Coefficient of variation

Coefficient of variation is a statistical term which is calculated from the Overlapped Pattern and is a measure of the average variation from the Mean Application Rate

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