730 Chain Medium Format Twin Spinner 


5.5 Tone 2.400 long

7 Tone 3.000 long

8.5 Tone 3.600 long

Loafing pad  Manure at high rates 

Row Crop Spreading 5 row

7 ton 730


8.5 ton Row Crop

Heavy duty unit for large farms or contractors

Feature twin spinner, 3 speed gear box. Will spread urea down to 30kg. per Ha. and lime up to 4 tone per Ha. Has a 730mm wide chain feed system to give a door opening the same width as the 830 belt spreader. A all round spreader for doing urea to chicken litter.

All Medium format units have the same bin section and are built in 2.4, 3.0, 3.6. 4.0 and 6.0 lengths. Can have Top or Bottom Mounted spinner motors. Can be fitted with TRANSPREAD patented deflector system.

Has a spread width of up to 36 meters on urea. 40 meters on most fertilizer, with up to 18 meters on lime.

Unit are manufactured in Stainless Steel or painted steel, while Stainless is normally carried in stock this will very in some countries. 

A medium size spreader that has many applications on larger farms and with contractors. The 3.00 units are ideal for filling with large loader buckets or for tipping into from a truck .

With high floatation tyres these light weight spreaders are ideal for high tonnage applications doing very little compaction damage.

Chain type feed systems are lower initial cost, and have lower maintained costs than belt type spreaders and will give a more even feed on hill country.

They can also be fitted with the TRANSPREAD Computer system in place of the ground wheel drive.

For unrivalled spreading versatility check these features

 Features include.....

  • Proven track record the world over

  • Optimum yield

  • Reduced wastage

  • Optimum Spread Pattern for Field Edge Spreading

  • An excellent cost effective investment

Options include.....

  • Stainless Steel Bins

  • Spreadsmart Computerspread with Precision Farming software and variable width capabilities

  • Roll Tarp Cover

  • Powered Axles

  • Flotation Tyres

  • Sprung Suspension

  • Tandem Axles

Some options will differ between manufacturers

Twin Chain Drive 8.5 Ton. Twin gearbox


Mixing Bin Attachment

Auxiliary Bin

Mix as you spread. Clips on the rear of a 730 spreader. Can be used for grass and other seeds, and high analysis additives. Also super into lime, urea as an extra into any type of fertiliser. Fully controlled by the computer, just enter the additive rate you want, can be stopped and started independent from the main spread system. Sizes from small bins for seed only to large bins that will hold up to 2 cu mtrs. for mixing the likes of super and lime. Your customers have no need to pay a mixing charge and can just mix part areas as required.



730 Trailer Brochure   (.pdf file format)

730 Trailer Brochure  Page 2 (.pdf file format)

730 Trailer Manure Brochure  (.pdf file format)

730 Trailer Row crop Brochure  (.pdf file format)