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 METRIC RATE CHARTS 400 mm Drive Wheel

Metric  Rate Calculator

Rate Charts in PDF format

All rate charts are made to be used with TRANSPREAD Density Meter ........ Accuracy of final settings operators responsibility based on use. Rates on this page are used with the Standard 400 mm Drive Wheel.




There is an option of  three Gear box Drive Wheels used on  Transpread trailers..

300mm  Small jockey wheel multiply door setting by .74

600mm large Large jockey

wheel multiply setting by 1.33


Gear Box



ChainV300 Standard V300    
ChainV500 gb004 Std Alu. 607091 V500    
ChainV500 gb003 Low Alu. 607091 V500    
ChainV500 gb006 Low Alu. 44, 54      
ChainV500 Old 500 steel 607090 38t V500    
Chain 730 gb003 Std Alu. 607091 44t V730      
Chain 730 gb005 Low Alu. 54t 44t V730    
Chain 730 gb006 Light rates Ali.13t low V730    
Chain 730 Steel-50t out low rates v730    
Chain 1000 gb005 Std. Alu. 607092-44t v1000    
Chain 1000 gb006 Std. Alu. 607092-44t-13t v1000    
Chain 1000 Steel-50t out low rates v1000    
830 Belt gb005 Std. Ali. 607092-44t 830B    
830 Belt gb003 Std. Ali. 607091-44t 830B    
830 Belt Belt  Steel old type 38t out 830B