830 Belt Twin Spinner Mini 

Standard Bin Sizes

Mini Format

  • 3 Tonne 2.4 Long

  • 4 Tonne 3.0 Long

  • 5 Tonne 3.0 Long

USA mini 830 belt

Feature twin 675 spinners with direct motor drive on each spinner, Heavy duty TRANSPREAD gear box with motor direct mounted. 

Will spread urea down to 10kg. per Ha. and lime more than 10 tone \ Ha. Has a 830 mm wide Constant Feed Pattern Belting system to give an even feed on rolling type country, and also break up lumps of material that would normally block the feed door. This makes it unnecessary to fit grids in most cases.

All these units have Transpread EvenSpread Deflector Systems giving extremely accurate spread patterns even on poor quality fertilizers. 

Has a spread width of up to 30 meters on urea. 36 meters on most fertilizer, with up to 18 / 20 meters on most limes.

All of these units are fitted with the Transpread ComputerSpread Control giving the ability to have unerring accuracy. Can also be fitted with GPS and Variable Rate Control. 

Unit are manufactured in Stainless Steel or painted steel

A large range of spreader sizes that has many applications on larger farms and contractors

With high floatation tyres these light weight spreaders are ideal for high tonnage applications doing very little compaction damage.

For your convenience, linked below is a brochure in a .pdf (portable document file) format which can be viewed online by clicking on the link access or downloaded to your drive for viewing at a later date. Requires Acrobat Reader.

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830 Truck Brochure  (.pdf file format)  

Testing Brochure  (.pdf file format)