'W' Chain Twin Spinner or Spinner/Blower

Spread test chart 

Standard Bin Sizes

Low Format

  • 4 Tonne 3.0 Long

  • 6 Tonne 3.0 Long

  • 7 Tonne 3.6 Long

High Format

  • 10 Tonne 4.2 Long

  • 12 Tonne 4.8 Long


Feature twin spinner, Heavy duty TRANSPREAD gear box with motor direct mounted. 

You can spread urea down to 20kg. per Ha. and lime up to 5 tone per Ha. Has a Twin 250mm wide chain feed system, with a high return allowing the fitting of Blowers. An all round spreader for hill country, giving you the most control over spread pattern on hill sides.

Has a spread width of up to 24 meters on urea. 30 meters on most fertilizer, with up to 18 meters on lime.

You have the choice of manufacture in Stainless Steel or painted steel

Are often used on Tructors working very difficult terrain as the twin chain feed system gives the best performance on very steep hill country.

A large range of spreader sizes that has many applications on larger farms and contractors, often fitted with a blower as well as twin spinners, all hydraulically driven and controlled by 'COMPUTERSPREAD'

'W' mini has a 200 mm wide feed system