Transpread specialize in the design of Fertilizer spreaders for farm or contract spreading. Has the widest range and the most options as to type of conveyor system. From systems designed for operating on steep hill country to the spreading of light rates of Urea through to heavy rates of Lime, Gypsum, chicken litter and other waste products. All truck mounted units are fitted with Transpread Patented Computer system and GPS.

Transpread developed the 500 wide conveyor system for medium size trucks often fitted with a blower for operating on steep hill country. The conveyor design returns over the top of the feed system allowing easy fitting of the blower attachment. Are fitted with twin hydraulically driven spinners and Transpread patented computerised control system. The 500 wide feed system is also used on Mini Spreaders were they have a bottom return and are often fitted with Transpread Patented Twin Feed System

The 730 wide conveyor system is the high performance chain spreader. With spinners motors optionally mounted below the spinners almost any product can be spread. Covers the full spectrum of rates and gives a more even spread up and down hill than a belt type spreader. Can be fitted with TRANSPREAD patented deflector system and top mounted spinners to give spread widths up to 36 metres. Will spread light rates of urea to heavy rates of lime or chicken litter with the one spreader.

With the 1000 wide chain spreader  you are able to spread almost any waste product at heavy rates. Also can be used for lime or gypsum.

The 830 Belt spreader is a wide belt type spreader, fitted with TRANSPREAD patented deflector system for the widest possible spread, up to 36 meters on some products. With TRANSPREAD cleated belt conveyor will give a more even feed through the conveyor than competitors systems.

TRANSPREAD does not aim to build the cheapest spreader to purchase but the one that gives you the widest most even spread, and the cheapest to maintain. This lets you the contractor or  farmer get the most from each kg. of fertilizer and the highest production from each hectare of land. In the long run this works out to be the cheapest spreader to own.

Thousands of TRANSPREAD truck mounted spreaders are operating in many countries, built under license in UK. Ireland, France, Poland, USA. South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In many of these countries TRANSPREAD has the major market share and is the preferred contract spreader.

TRANSPREREAD also build SIDETIPPERS and other handling equipment.