2000 Series TRUCTOR Spreaders

  • 7.5 - 9 Tonne

  • 3.600 Wheel Base 

Funk 4 x 4, Power Shift Transmission, 6 Speeds Forward and 3 Speed Reverse. Smart Shift Control, Live Hydraulics off Rear of Transmission

600/60 x 26.5 12 Ply Front and 800/45 x 26.5 16 Ply Rear Flotation tires. Optional 14.9 x 24 Duals on rear

Cummins 234 Hp Turbo Charged Diesel Engine with Air Compressor, Dual Element Air Cleaner and Pre-Cleaner, Heavy Duty Flow Through Radiator, and Hydraulic Driven 2 speed Fan    

13,000 kg Rockwell Hub Reduction Rear Axle with  Air Brakes 7,500 kg Rockwell Hub Reduction Front Axle with  Air Brakes, Hand Controlled Independent Steering Brakes, Air Shift Differential Lock for Front and Rear Axle, Self Leveling Air Suspension with Oscillating Front and Rear Axle. 

 Pintle Towing Hitch Rated at 15,000 kg 

This is the unit is ideal for use in the steep rough country coming optional with dual 14.9 X 24 tyres on the rear giving extra holding ability and stability on extreme hill country.

The 2000 Series Transpread TRUCTOR is built very solid to stand up to the adverse conditions while still ending up a light unit. This lets you get on the ground earlier in the season and spread when no one else can and lets you spread longer at the end of the season, extending your season significantly. 

These units come standard with a  Center Driver Position Cab with Surround Visibility giving an excellent working perspective.  Controls mounted on a side console gives greater accessibility and ease of operation. The Pressurized cab keeps dust out and Air Conditioning gives better operator comfort and makes your job easier. Being Center Driver Position the operator is subject to a smoother ride.

 Transpread 7.5- 9 Tonne Belt or Single V Chain Spreader Body with twin spinners or Spinner / Blower combination.

Transpread ComputerSpread In-Cab Solid State Computer Control GPS compatible

The 2000 Series Transpread TRUCTOR units come fitted with full air suspension with self leveling valves giving smooth ride and stability on hill sides assisted by Independent brakes giving superior maneuverability and diff lock on both front and rear axles giving maximum traction. These units also combine a low center of gravity with good ground clearance.