Drive accuracy and CV line

It is a commonly held theory that if a CV line stays below the target CV  ( normally referred to as the straight line pattern ) you do not have to drive accurately. This is not correct as the following information shows. Two sets of spread patterns ( 3 in graphs in each set ) show the effect variation in driver accuracy has on each pattern.

16 Metre Straight Line


The more rounded or flat top the pattern the less susceptible to driver error. The more rounded or flat the pattern the more likely to have an 'S' type CV chart. This is the opposite to what is normally held to be correct.

30 Metre 'S' Line CV Chart

The figures in the above chart show the change in the CV from 4.49 when driving at the correct spacing and at 1 to 3 metres off line.

Driver accuracy is very important as this will show. Most good operators will be using GPS or foam markers to improve their operation.