It Is important that you check the calibration of your machine prior to spreading. Fertiliser quality varies greatly and the only sure way of knowing that you are spreading accurately is to test your machine over the trays. By buying a cheaper imported fertiliser you may save money per tonne but unless you spread it accurately this saving will be wasted. Test your machine by following the procedure below. While up and down is shown, for round and round do both passes in the same direction.


The correct number of trays should be spaced about 2 metres apart to the width you are testing for i.e. 7 boxes for 12 metres, 13 boxes for 24 metres. If several tests are to be carried out, use knotted string to mark the position of the trays. Set your machine for the correct application rate and drive over the end trays as shown. Carry on well beyond the trays, as the spreader will throw fertiliser a good distance behind the machine. One pass may not put enough material into the trays on light rates, if so, drive over the tray several times. The more times you pass over the trays, the more accurate the result. Transpread inserts are easy to use and pack saving time and money.

Catch Containers P/n.. 605100,   Inserts P/n .. 605099

Carefully empty the fertiliser from the trays into the test tubes using the funnel  supplied with the testing kit. P/n kt017

Place on a table, view at eye level and read off the numbers on the markings of the tubes. Record the results.

Transpread Licensee's offer a free service for processing your test results and calculating the CV (coefficient of variation) of your spread pattern. If required ring or fax your results through to the one nearest you and a CV chart will be faxed back by return. Or email results to 

Click the link to enter your own results and get a CV at Chart for calculating CV

Sieve Analysis box



Test the granular quality of your fertiliser as this will change your spread pattern if it varies between loads.

P/n.. 605140

Test Sheet

Chart for calculating CV



P/n..kt012 ...7 box kit

P/n..kt015 ..13 box kit

P/n..kt014 ..25 box kit




Chart for calculating CV