1000 Chain Twin Spinner Mounted

Standard Bin Sizes

Large capacity waste spreader for wet lime from filter plants, litter, compost and other products.

High Format

  • 10 Tonne 3.600 Long 12.2 Cu. Metre

  • 14 Tonne 6.000 Long 20 Cu. Metre




Feature twin spinner, Heavy duty Twin TRANSPREAD gear boxes with motors direct mounted. 

Will spread urea down to 80kg. per Ha. and lime up to 10 tone per Ha. Has Twin 500mm wide chain feed system, with a bottom return allowing the spreading of almost any waste type material. An ideal spreader for chicken litter, Lime, Gypsum and other waste material.

Unit are manufactured in Stainless Steel or painted steel

Large Twin 775 mm diameter spinners mounted on top of the drive system give clear unobstructed feed on to the spinners.

A range of spreader sizes that has many applications on larger farms and contractors

Chain type feed systems are lower initial cost, and have lower maintained costs than belt type spreaders and will give a more even feed on difficult products.