500 Chain Twin Spinner or Spinner/Blower

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Standard  Sizes

Low Format

  • 5 Tonne 3.0 Long

  • 7 Tonne 3.6 Long

High Format

  • 6.5 Tonne 3.0 Long

  • 8   Tonne 3.6 Long

  • 10 Tonne 4.4 Long

  • 12 Tonne 5.2 Long

500 Chain on Tructor

Land cruiser Mini Spreader




500 Truck Brochure  (.pdf file format)

Testing Brochure  (.pdf file format)




Twin Spinner / Blower





Feature twin spinner, Heavy duty TRANSPREAD gear box with motor direct mounted. Will spread Urea down to 20kg. per Ha. and lime up to 5 tone per Ha. Has a 500mm wide chain feed system, with a high return allowing the fitting of Blowers. A good all round spreader for hill country.

The 500 base width makes for a lower center of gravity for hilly country than a narrower type chain.

Has a spread width of up to 24 meters on urea. 30 meters on most fertilizer, with up to 18 meters on lime.


Twin Spinners with Deflectors





You have a choice of  manufacture in Stainless Steel or painted steel, and can be fitted with TRANSPREAD Patented deflector system when not fitted with blower.

A large range of spreader sizes that allows you to get the right size for your truck. Has many applications on larger farms and with contractors

Chain type feed systems are lower initial cost, and have lower maintained costs than belt type spreaders and will give a more even feed on hill country. This gives you the best return for your $ in this type of work.

All are controlled by 'COMPUTERSPREAD' for accurate fertiliser placement.

For your convenience, linked below is a brochure in a .pdf (portable document file) format which can be viewed online by clicking on the link access or downloaded to your drive for viewing at a later date. Requires Acrobat Reader.

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