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Country Specific

7 Tonne 730 Truck Bin

4 Tonne 500 trailer

7.5 Tonne Tructor

14 Tonne Tructor C & C

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New Zealand


Other licenses available


Transpread are leaders in the design and development of Fertiliser Spreaders ranging from 



Use these links to view and work out the unit most suitable for your application.

Handling Equipment

Fertiliser Handling Equipment ranging from; 

  • Elevators to 16 - 20 Tonne  Dump Stations

  • Side Tipper Truck mounted Bins 

  • Side Tipper Trailers, 6 - 16 tonnes 

  • Tip Trailers



Increase your profitability by reducing your waiting and travelling time.

Internet mapping, remote data processing and printing on Google also available


TRUCTOR complete 4x4, or 6x6 Specialized Off-Road Vehicles. This machine is the latest release of the highly successful Tructor and is making impressive inroads into wet or steep and rough country with it's Power and Performance. 

Fit your Sprayer or Spreader to a TRUCTOR chassis and go places!!. High clearance and Row Crop versions available. Ideal for the fitting of your Drilling Rig, or transporting your sugarcane etc.

Spreader Testing 

List of tested spreaders in each country.. Go to Country Specific and follow the links to either Certified Spreaders or recommended settings for each Fertiliser Manufacturers type of fertiliser.


Go to Country Specific in index for pricing in  each country held, check with manufacturer for

updated prices.


Give the end user of fertilizer

  • The best possible spread

  • At the widest spread width

  • To increase his returns from his investment in fertiliser

  • And reduce ground compaction

  • With an environmentally friendly spread pattern

Give the owner of the equipment

  • A design to meet the above aims

  • Unbeatable service and backup

  • At a price comparable to competitive units

  • A pleasingly designed unit

  • A light tare weight for maximum load capacity

  • Tested to internationally recognized standards

Give the operator

  • Equipment to meet the end user aims

  • Easy to operate

  • Confidence in operation that the goals are achieved

  • Easy to clean

  • A good looking unit that he can be proud of

  • Operator training

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